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I’m very excited to be collaborating with two of my very talented colleagues at the iSchool, Aditi Bhargava and Therese Owusu, on a yearlong User Experience Capstone project this year. We’re working with a team at the MaRS Discovery District on reimagining one of their digital products, the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit. 

For all three of us, the Capstone is an opportunity to take what we’ve learned at the iSchool and apply it in a real-world context, and to continue to learn by doing as we pick up new skills and softwares throughout our design process.

We want to capture our capstone journey as we transition from students to full-time practitioners, taking the opportunity to critically reflect on our experiences, celebrate wins and reinforce lessons learned — and we’re doing just that on our new shared Medium blog, UX in the 6ix

Follow along to keep up with us!

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