Hello! I’m Danielle, and I’m a holistic UX practitioner and leader, with strong roots in UX Research. What’s most important to me in my work is understanding people and their problems first, no matter what we’re doing. If we start from there, we’ll find a path forward worth pursuing.

Today, I work as a Product Design Manager at 1Password, leading a team of product designers making security simple and intuitive.

Before 1Password, I worked at Wealthsimple, FreshBooks and several local startups in Toronto, and was a co-founder of the UX Research Conference. I also hold a Master’s degree in User Experience Design from the University of Toronto.

Things I love at work

  • Building & leading UX teams
  • Unlocking UXers’ growth
  • Leading and supporting impactful UX research
  • Problem-led, data-informed product & service design
  • UX ops and making UX work a delight
  • Collaborating with and learning from other disciplines
  • Supporting customers and their jobs to be done meaningfully
  • Leading with a lens of diversity, equity & inclusion in everything
  • Being a mentee and a mentor
  • Writing & storytelling

Things I love outside work

  • Simply love a good walk, and I take a lot of them. My preferred remote 1-1 is outdoors on our phones getting some fresh air.
  • I collect postcards and I send many of them. I also still do lots of writing, but it’s mostly in my journal these days.
  • Karaoke. My partner and I do a very spirited duet of ‘When You Believe’ by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston — yes, it’s ambitious, and no, we absolutely do not hit all those high notes.
  • In no particular order: iced coffee, oysters, breakfast sandwiches, and French 75s.
  • The joyful but challenging art of doing nothing: sleeping, reading, watching things, video games. It’s hard to turn off my brain, but I’m happily perfecting this skill.
Postcards from my collection

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